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Membre Vogavecmoi
Inscription 13/04/2018
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il y a 1 année
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27 ans

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I’m looking for a boat to go to Europe or the Canary Islands from the Lesser Antilles, preferably from Martinique to Spain. The estimated departure could be during may - june.

My name is Pol, I’m from Barcelona and after living for several years in the Canary Islands, now I am based in Martinique. I studied a degree in Marine Science and worked as Biologist in a Research Spanish Institute. Here in Martinique I am having a gap year to among other things study French.

Regarding my sea time and nautical experience beyond my academics, I have professional experience and certifications in both recreational and professional Diving which have allowed me to get used to harbour manoeuvres and other basic nautical notions through my work and training. I also have done dinghy sailing as a hobby. Though I do not have much experience on it, I'm interested in keep learning, which also is one of the main reasons I'm looking for a boat. I also have boarded Scientific vessels, however the tasks carried out where more related to science than navigation.

I always have wished to experience a journey like it, crossing the Atlantic. My motivations are to learn more about sailing and the other experiences related to a travel like that. For that, I'm ready to learn and work hard to help. Besides meeting people, an extra motivation is to know better the seas, a subject that have fascinated me since I was a kid.

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